September 8th, 2012, 5:53 pm

I'm BACK !!!!!

Dear lovely watcher :D
i'm back... with full of guts im so afraid the haters will coming back,hahaha XDDD but yeah, when i come to see this site once again, it really touch me when i find you all are worrying me so much...
even the art and the comic are still LAME,hahahah XDDD
sorry for hiatus so long :(

i already delete "lost prince charming" since i just dont have any love for continued the story again, and when i want to delete World of Gays too, i found you all, ;u; still have haters on the comment, but i'm so happy when someone defend me from the :another guys: hahahah XDD
thanks a lot for "me" <--- not me,but her name comment are "me", hahaha
thanks again :) im so happy you do that,i dont have any courage like you!

now 5 months or maybe more, my style are changes,so i still in the time with renew all the comic pages , i still dont have much time to update the next page, but i will try :)

thank you again <3 :D love y'guys.

and if you want to know me more, i ALWAYS online at Deviant art, you can check me out there,or stalk me ;)
thankies again


Quadrant, September 9th, 2012, 9:51 am

Glad to see you're back.

Yeah I saw the comment from the hater (one of them atleast anyway), but they're just pathetic TBH and not worth the effort, since a response is all they are looking to get. Sometimes it makes me wonder if they are looking to get 'offended'.

Anyway, hope to see you update a comic or make a new one soon.

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