January 10th, 2012, 11:56 am

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still confused? need to know something about "the world of Gays" ? 
just ask me!! XDDD
it's my pleasure to answer!! :D
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Reply Wuruphin, January 10th, 2012, 12:02 pm

Just ask me if you all wanted to know something more!!
it's my pleasure to answer it!! And I will be happy to answer it at all :D
thanks for the support,and sorry for the rough page,i just make it fast after read the comment.
deeply apologize for spell and wrong vocabulary.
Thank you.
Best regards,Aphin.

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Reply Wuruphin, January 10th, 2012, 11:35 pm

@tiffany: hohohoho :D
they will having a Caesarean Section for it. :)

Reply Wuruphin, January 11th, 2012, 10:47 am

@Dacriel: i'm sorry,but i don't understand Indonesia,maybe i lived in indonesia now,but i'm not indonesian you know.
just Rewrite me this comment again IN ENGLISH. :)

Reply Wuruphin, January 11th, 2012, 12:45 pm

............. @Dacriel:'s kind of stupid to said this..but,i think to be more nice here. 'cause i know you are not to meant to said cruel things to me,and you did said that you try to help me here.
but you know,this is just the beginning like @ujupingjete said in her previous comment.
you prefer Bara? i will draw it for you.
you prefer all ukes or seme must be more hairly,yeah,i will do that,but not to This one,i draw it on someone else,yeah i did know the reality all the ukes or seme are hairly,but did you already see Takeru or Kakeru naked?
i will draw that to YOU.
AND in this Question page,i try to draw it fast just to answer your comment earlier,i know i don't draw it with armpit or leg hair or anything,i'll just blunt it out,did you read Japanese manga,and DID you FIND ALL CHARACTER on that manga was with arm hari,armpit hair,leg hair? i did find that,and it just a little. i dont want to be the cruel one,but your comment did annoy me a bit,you just ridiculous.
Yeah,so you want me to draw it? that Bara? okay,I WILL. and i will name it Just for you. to respect your opinions.
i did respect all gays,'cause i have a lot of gay friends.
i not draw all with such a feminime or androgynous or something like you said.
and i DID NOT insult SOMEONE HERE.
you are really something here.
about the tittle,i choose "THE WORLD OF GAYS" 'cause i plotting a world without WOMAN,did you read that?
so in that world,that never been have Woman or Girls,i already said that on my comic summary.
yeah,i appreciate that,you can just think it was "the world of Yaoi".
it's good. and i'll ask this for you.
Can you change your comic titles,too?
i prefer it "Korean lovers".
i'm not trying to be more Bad than this.
for first time,i tried to be nice to you.
but your comment really-really just makes no sense.
and its annoy me.
you are not respect me,and you did not respect US (the other author like me if you say,'cause all your comment just makes me think youre FORCED me to CHANGE ALL OF THE STORY from beginning,and END it with you WANTED).
and i don't think my comic are Homophibia,if you said that,youre comic are sure Homophobia too,right?

ah,i did this again. i'm so in not "GOOD MOOD" now and you just make me feels like a bad guy here.
sorry,i did appreciate your comment.
if you have more question or anything,you can just comment me again.
and i will Try to be nice.
So SORRY and thank you.
my deepest apologize.

Reply Wuruphin, January 11th, 2012, 12:48 pm

last one @Dacriel: i forgot about this one.
yeah,all ukes and seme can change their position,you did read japanese manga right?
i give you just ONE EXAMPLE.
Three wolves mountain by Naono bohra sensei,the story was the uke and seme,but in the end,their position was changes. Thats it.
read that manga,and if you still not understand.
you can comment me AGAIN. and i will give you another example.

Reply Wuruphin, January 11th, 2012, 1:57 pm

RIDICULOUS @Dacriel:'m just suggestion you to change the title :D
'cause you know,you are korean lovers,and your character are korean.
SO,how can you just SAID the SAME THING TO ME?
No,YOU DID SAY IT, YOU SAID "Komik anda jangan berjudul The world of Gays,Tapi harusnya the world of Yaoi."
i can understand it.
You say my opinion about my "RIDICULOUS" idea about your Korean lovers title are not makes sense.
Did that makes sense to you too now?

Reply Wuruphin, January 11th, 2012, 3:19 pm

THANKS @ujupingjete: Thank you... ;)

Reply Wuruphin, January 12th, 2012, 11:38 am

DACRIEL read this. @Dacriel: you last comment just makes everyone mad.
sorry,but i must delete your last comment here,'cause i already have 3 people PM me in inbox and said about your trolling around.
i hope you can control your Manners,and not having any Useless arguing,cause even that Gay friend is not exist too,you can't say that cruel things to Peoples. I HOPE YOU will changes your personality here.

Reply Wuruphin, January 12th, 2012, 1:39 pm

Dacriel trolling around. @Dacriel: no need more arguing with you.
you said you are Atheis?
okay,but i'm not.
trolling around again,and i'm sure i will banned you from this site.
well,i don't wanted to make more ugly than this.
i just wanted you to take a leave from here,and if you don't like my plotting stories,you can just walk away.
thank you.

User's Comments:

Reply tiffany (Guest), January 10th, 2012, 5:57 pm

just curious to know.... where does the baby come out in this comic?

Reply ujupingjete, January 11th, 2012, 11:19 am

FUNNY lol @Dacriel: yeah,you must try to rewrite that your AWFUL comment in ENGLISH.
so everybody can read it,and we'll see whats happening. nice troll dude.
:) *thumbs down*
i think you must learn one or two things from the Author herself,'cause i don't think you are more Wise than her.
try to be nice for you. But i tried to translate your language with Google trans,and i still cant believe it.
you just make someone wants to troll on your side back. Makes more enemy is not a good thing,Kid.
i do love yaoi,and i do favourite all manga/comics i love to read,and i don't judge by its cover LIKE YOU.
just appreciate they works,you have your own comic too,so i think youre understand.
she was updated the new pages for you sake,and you just trolling her back?
can you just enjoy the comics?
i enjoyed all the comics,and i love to read it all. even it was your comic.
you know? i favourite your comic,cause i enjoy it,i enjoy your comic,and i'm not trolling even i don't like something. grown up dude.

Reply ujupingjete, January 11th, 2012, 12:57 pm

my bestfriend was gay,and he say that your comment was FUNNY and MAKES NO SENSE.
all people did have hair,on armpit,or somewhere else you prefer it.
but its was The Author works wanted to draw it or not,how can you say that taboo words?
you are so funny too funny even i can't laugh.
and you did judge it by its cover.
geez *facepalm

Reply ujupingjete, January 11th, 2012, 1:52 pm

@Dacriel: hahahaha FUNNY.
kid this day. :)

you know?
i fuckin dissapointed to you now.
i don't even think you can said that to my friend,'cause you are said "WE MUST RESPECT GAYS" but you are not respect MY GAY FRIENDS NOW.
lol youre so funny.dumbass.
youre not respect us,even you said the all "GOOD THINGS about you know about GAYS" but the fact,you are not.
try to be more grown up. and don't forget about RESPECT.

i already read all your comment and the AUthor comment herself,she did try to explain so careful to you,but you just do this and think this was a kind of game,huh?
geez,try to think if 'someone' are trolling back to your own comic just like you did now.
and what will you do?

Reply ujupingjete, January 11th, 2012, 3:16 pm

HELLO!! @Dacriel: ahahahaa COWARD :P
lets see you dare to reply me here,not in inbox.

@Wuruphin : i think you must IGNORE THIS KID,'cause it was just WASTE YOUR TIME :)
enjoy your days! XD
just stay the way you are now,don't waste your time to troll.
yesh,i'm the bad guy now. :D

Reply ujupingjete, January 11th, 2012, 3:45 pm

HEY!! LOOK AT THIS!! Sent: 9 minutes ago
From: Dacriel
To: ujupingjete
sooo you wanted me to reply to you publically? Well sooooorry but I'm not going to do something I said I wouldn't do. My last comment was my last one.

And if you haven't even got the balls to troll me on my comic then well you're the coward. Go ahead if I annoy you so much don't you want revenge?

AlSo EnGlISH mOtHeRfUcKeR dO yOu SpEaK iT?

P.S: you guys were the stupid bitches who decided to make a big deal out of it.

that was @Dacriel said to me in inbox.
too coward,huh?

I WAS thinking to released you back then.
but sorry, you just insult my GAY friend,and i think you owe ME An APOLOGIZE for it.

Reply Wuruphin, January 11th, 2012, 4:56 pm

@Dacriel: thanks for called me stupid Bitch.
of course i think its a big deal.
'cause i do read your comment,and i must straight it up.
i ain't even mad too for calling me bitch or else.
but i think you owe ujupingjete gay friends an apology.
you are The people who knows a lot and cares about Gays,right?
so you must say sorry to him.

Reply ujupingjete, January 11th, 2012, 5:57 pm

@Dacriel: of course he was exist you moron. you think everyone just Like YOU?
geez,i don't think you are that stupid.
how can you said that,even you say you respect GAYS back then?
Wow,stupid comment dude.
and thats not Count as an APOLOGIZE to ME.
did you ever apply to school? and the teacher teach you some manner?
if you don't,just go back to elementary school NOW,and you better study hard TO LEARN SOME MANNERS.
you are really makes everything going worse more. *face palm.
Kid this days.
everyone knows you are just too stubborn to realize about your Ridiculous sense,and you still play with it?
go fuck yourself,you better be an Straight than Bi or gays.
youre not even worth to be gays or bi.
i'm so pity with you.
just go back to your Mom,and make her teach you AGAIN about SOME MANNERS.
no offense kiddo,but its the truth,you just being so stubborn and childish.
now go back to sleep,its already late for kids to sleep.
and don't reply my comment or everyone comment again,you just makes this site looks more ugly with you,and makes me feels sick everytime i see your ugly pics.
My friend say he dont need your apology anymore. he dont wanna hear anything about you Weirdo side,and you confident about Your own GAYS Stupid Idealy.
*thumbs down*

Reply killua (Guest), March 3rd, 2017, 10:13 pm

yes hi i would like to say this is best thing i have ever read

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