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this is The World of Gays. no WOMAN, no GIRLS,they are not exist in this world. boys can get pregnant and married. this comic are fully FICTION,fantasy,and 18+ stories. i just wanted to make a new world that only boys exist,this comic will have another stories around the world,i just focus on to write and draw a full stories about man only,this comic are only my private desire of yaoi,I really wanted draw this kind of stories :P <READ LEFT TO RIGHT> this comic Contain BL (BOYS LOVE) or YAOI. DON'T LIKE,DON'T READ. Enjoy :D it will be updated every FRIDAY. and of course random updated if i'm busy. but it will updated weekly. :)

September 8th, 2012, 5:53 pm

I'm BACK !!!!!

Dear lovely watcher :D
i'm back... with full of guts im so afraid the haters will coming back,hahaha XDDD but yeah, when i come to see this site once again, it really touch me when i find you all are worrying me so much...
even the art and the comic are still LAME,hahahah XDDD
sorry for hiatus so long :(

i already delete "lost prince charming" since i just dont have any love for continued the story again, and when i want to delete World of Gays too, i found you all, ;u; still have haters on the comment, but i'm so happy when someone defend me from the :another guys: hahahah XDD
thanks a lot for "me" <--- not me,but her name comment are "me", hahaha
thanks again :) im so happy you do that,i dont have any courage like you!

now 5 months or maybe more, my style are changes,so i still in the time with renew all the comic pages , i still dont have much time to update the next page, but i will try :)

thank you again <3 :D love y'guys.

and if you want to know me more, i ALWAYS online at Deviant art, you can check me out there,or stalk me ;) www.aphin123.deviantart.com
thankies again

December 2nd, 2011, 5:11 am

No updated today

no updated today,i'm sorry, :(
i've been busy for this week, i got transfer to Indonesia,and must preparing everything different now,Indonesia language is so hard to understand,so it will takes long for me to adaptation to this new place.
i'm working on the new page when i have free time,i think i can still updated 1 page for tomorrow (i finally have a one day off).
:) thanks guys,and sorry for this late updated,haaa...(-. - )
i don't have any homesick feeling,but yes,this week is tired as hell.
happy weekend guys. :D

November 11th, 2011, 9:05 am

Yaaay :D

i just wanna to tell you all,because i'm running 2 comic already,it will make me so busy :( so i think i will updated 3 or 6 page a week,i'm still focused on "The world of Gays" and working on the new page already :D
"the lost prince charming" too :P
and also,thank you for the nice comment ,i really appreciate it so much :)
i will do my best!! :DDD

November 10th, 2011, 12:25 pm


okay,i gonna tell you all,my native language is not English.
so i will apologize first to you all,about my wrong grammar or anything,but i will do my best to Learn it so i can't make mistake.
just enjoy my comic,thanks all :D

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